melodic instrumental music composed without elementary knowledge of music theory, let alone the ability to play any musical instrument at all, including a triangle. Mousesongs refers to the basic device used while making the music. All songs are in MP3 format. I will update the page whenever a new song appears.

Sergej Koroljov 12.07
(added 21. 5. 2014)

Part 1: Sputnik
Part 2: Vostok
Part 3: Sojuz
Part 4: The Celebration of the Cosmic Age

Sergey Korolyov (1907-1966, also spelled Sergei Korolev, "Koroljov" is the Czech spelling) was a mastermind behind the early Soviet space successes - Sputnik and Vostok programmes. He served 6 years in gulag after a false accusation, later to become the Chief Designer of Soviet spacecrafts. Until his death in 1966 his name was unkown to the public as he was forced to work in secret. This song in several parts is a small tribute to this seminal figure of space exploration. From the musical point of view, "Sergej Koroljov" is basically an exercise in arranging a simple, repeating chord progression in various styles, sharing the same parts across the entire piece. / I dedicate this track to my dear Michaela.

(entire album - click for a separate web section)
(added 7. 10. 2011)

an entire album of melodic retro electronica! Eight varied tracks which might appeal to the fans of Jean Michel Jarre, Röyksopp, Kraftwerk or the melodic side of Tangerine Dream. Not that the music tries to copy them; I just believe that it speaks similar language. You can listen to it and download it at, or, if you prefer to listen to a single, flowing track, at The album including CD cover can also be downloaded at as a lossless FLAC or an MP3 at 320 kbps.

Sutnar (version B) 2.40
(added 2011-09-28)

a slightly different version of the "Sutnar" song below

Sutnar 2.28
(added 2010-12-28)

a short song dedicated to the groundbreaking Czech graphics designer Ladislav Sutnar. Electronics, vocoder, live acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, electronic and acoustic percussion. I wanted it to sound a bit like the French band Air. Big thanks to Karel Řepa for the guitar.

Pes v dešti (A dog in the rain)
(composed and recorded together with Karel Řepa) 4.15
(added 2010-12-28)

a slower electroacoustic track for two guitars, raw synth, bass, rain and a dog. Composed and recorded with Karel Řepa in August 2010 during a summer storm. The dog is neighbours'.

Ucieczka na drugą stronę świata
(dla Marka Bilińskiego)
4.40 (added 2010-07-18)

a kind of hommage and a kind of ironic look at the instrumental electronic music of the 1980s. I'd like to dedicate this one to "polish Jarre" Marek Biliński, whose work from early 80s inspired me to make this track

And what if we are 1.43

short, fast waltz for several pianos

Stating the obvious 5.37

a kind of synthpop with hints of retro, now with improved formula

How to invent the wheel (part 1) 6.01

longer and quite varied piece with sharp transitions from noisy parts to calm ones

How to invent the wheel (part 2) 2.44

simple electropop melody on top of the most cheesy chord progression, fortunately short enough

A waltz for 6.06

a fast melodic minimalistic waltz played by MIDI, which is doing its best to pretend being sixteen orchestras or so ;-)

Until the end 4.29

a faster composition for a piano, clarinet, oboe and a handful of flutes, inspired by the music of Wim Mertens

Skrze den 4.46

[Through the day] a melodic electronic track, quite catchy (as I wish to believe). I made the drum loops and most of the sounds myself; the thing was composed, like many other tracks, in Cubase 2.5 from 1992. This is also an electronic remake of an older track, Skrze sen [Through the dream]

A song for the girl in blue 2.23

a simple slower melody for a piano, glockenspiel and two flutes. Despite the arrangement it isn't sweet, rather slightly melancholic. Every bar ends with a gentle disharmony, as is usual in the life

Mousesong 3.12

a song I wrote for my ex-girlfriend. The main, moderately fast repetitious melody is played by the piano. I'm quite proud of the african and celtic drums.

Podrobná zpráva o průběhu dožínkové slavnosti
v Horní Vrbové (verze s efekty)

[A detailed account of the harvest home festival in the village of Horni Vrbova (version with effects)] a mid-tempo melodic electronic track in 3/4, with emphasis on percussive sounds and with a number of raw efects, slightly inspired by Kraftwerk (especially the percussion). The name is a parody of names like "Space Dance", "Laser Tekkno" and "Among the Stars", so popular among electronic music composers - so I set out to make up a name which would be as dissimilar to similar ones as possible :-)

Kirkus 2.26

an attempt to make a fast melodic vaudeville-like music - piano, clarinets, glockenspien, accordion, drums. Download it - you might as well be the first one in the world to like it :-)

Coda 1.15

the melody from Kirkus, rearranged into a petite one minute track for an electric piano and a clarinet

Never before ever after 6.33

quite a varied electronic track; I made it in the course of a year or so. Several motifs in a couple of variations - as lead melodies, as bass lines etc.

As is 2.45

a short track for faux-acoustic instruments, in which rhythm changes from 5/4 to 4/4, 5/4, 3/4, 4/4 and back to 5/4

Plastic music 5.26

a simple electronic track, inspired by the early 1980s Tangerine Dream

Skrze sen 5.42

[Through the dream] naive thing for faux-acoustic instruments - a trip through a dream. Faster, more electronic and more catchy version of the same melody is "Skrze sen" [Through a day]