This is a collection of covers that I designed for various CDs. None of them are official releases. They are live concert recordings, various rarities compilations and albums remastered from vinyl LPs, which have never been released on CDs. I don't profit on the CDs, I do this just for fun. None of the CDs are for sale.


Select the album you want to see. If you click the title, you can unwrap/wrap cover thumbnails and album details.

You can save the big printable images by right-clicking:
   a) the texts (front, back...) on the right in the album title
   b) the thumbnails (after you've "unwrapped" them by clicking the title)

All covers are in high-quality JPEG or PNG files in RGB, ready to be printed at 300dpi.
Front cover sizes are 120x120 mm for a single-page cover or 240x120 mm for a double-page cover.
Back cover and under-CD image sizes are always 151x118 mm.