01. Tungsten 100 W
02. Tungsten 25 W
03. Tungsten 130 W
04. Tungsten 15 W
05. Tungsten 75 W
06. Tungsten 40 W
07. Tungsten 60 W
08. Tungsten 150 W

/ 5.23
/ 3.53
/ 5.16
/ 2.04
/ 7.31
/ 3.24
/ 6.03
/ 5.16

Electronic Flash Unit / Tungsten

Music / photo / gfx: Jan Flaška, 2011

I would like to dedicate this album to all the pioneers who changed electric current into light, movement and music, and, above all, to my daughter Terezka, born at the twilight of classic light bulbs.

What the heck am I doing?

"Tungsten" is an el-retro-nic album, inspired by the pioneers of electronic music in the 1970s: Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and, above all, Jean Michel Jarre, whose name gave birth to the album title - "Jarre" has the same pronounciation as the stem of the Czech word "žárovka" (light bulb), and tungsten is the metal used for its filament wire.

Though the influence of the above mentioned musicians is more than obvious, I didn't try to copy them or reach their qualities; I just wanted to record an album - out of sheer pleasure - that will be positive, but not stupid, compact yet varied, retro-sounding, but made today. I'm pretty sure I didn't succeed - but judge yourself.

The name of the project comes from a title I found on a box with an old camera flash (from 1970s, of course). I liked the name for several reasons: Tungsten is electronic music, my surname is "Flaška" (which means "bottle", but its pronounciation sounds similar to "flash") and I'm a standalone author - hence the "unit". And last, but not least, I'm a keen picture-taker (photographer would be an overstatement) and I've been publishing a photo a day for several years now - see the archive as well as the pic of the day here.

Listen and download

You can listen to the album here on this page or here on Jamendo.com, where you can also download it. If you wish to have it in the highest quality, get it here on Uloz.to in the lossless FLAC format or in standard MP3 files (in the best quality - 320 kbps). If you get the latter two (the files on Uloz.to), you'll get a zipped archive that contains cover images for the front and back cover of the album. You are free to distribute or change the music as long as you credit me as the author.

I'll be happy for any feedback. You can write to me using the mailform below.

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